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About the game:

«3Souls is the story of 3 Ánimas on the world of Mustland, where the player will offer them assistance from the real world. The Ánimas are the people from the world where is set this adventure, Mustland, a world with many rules that you will discover on your adventure. They all have a Soul and wear Masks which are life essencial and protect them Souls from the world around them. On the game, the player will use a special tool (the GamePad) to read the thoughts and feelings of the Souls of each of the Ánimas. This tool will also allow the player to connect to them world through one of the many portals that he will discover on their adventure. The first story will be the one from Nelesa, on the sad cells of Moon Prison. The game contains the chapter Nelesa and will be updated in the future with the other two chapters for free.» - Official Website


Red Column (@Red_Column)

Release Date

Europe 28/07/2016     United States 28/07/2016


Wii U


Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle

N° Players

2 players in Co-op Mode

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Trailer Trailer

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GamesReviews review:

«There is no other game on the Wii U that uses the gamepad as much as 3Souls. Not only that, but it uses the gamepad really well. All of the puzzles are unique and interesting.»


Nintendo Town review:

«Red Column a réussi dans cet épisode ce que Nintendo a échoué à faire durant toute la durée de vie de la Wii U : mettre le GamePad à l?honneur.»


indieReviews review:

«[...] Ma secondo me esiste anche la ?Distruzione inconscia?. In questo caso non ti accorgi che qualcosa/qualcuno sfonda la quarta parete? Ma lo fa! 3Souls è un chiaro esempio.»


Revogamers review:

«3Souls es una joyita en crecimiento. Una de esas que cuenta una historia que sorprende y que tiene una base jugable muy original. Tiene un uso del mando que se agradece y que sabrá sacar la sonrisa del jugador. No cabe duda de que sabe ofrecer variedad y buenas ideas, y nosotros los jugadores somos los afortunados.»


Video Chums review:

«Innovative puzzles that are tricky enough to be satisfying yet not too obtuse. Fantastic GamePad implementation. Mysterious ambience is well handled.»


ntower review:

«Kamera, Mikrofon, Touchscreen und Bewegungssensoren - Die eingebauten Funktionen des Wii U GamePads kommen auf vielseitige Art und Weise zum Einsatz!»


Source Gaming review:

«3Souls has some of the best Wii U gamepad implementation that the system has to offer. Fully delivering on its promise in breaking new ground. It should easily find appeal within the influxed crowd of Nindie gamers, and it provides an experience well worth its cost.»


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