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Ambition of the Slimes

Ambition of the Slimes


Europe €5

EE. UU. $5


Europe €5

EE. UU. $5

About the game:

«Ambition of the Slimes is a turn-based strategy RPG that controls the slime to battle. The slimes are very weak but they can take over enemy units and manipulate them to battle. Different kinds of slimes have their own abilities, you have to choose the proper slime to take over the enemy and consider how to battle.»


CIRCLE Entertainment (@circle_ent)


Action, RPG

N° Players

1 player

Release Date Nintendo 3DS

Europe 11/08/2016     United States 11/08/2016

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 18/01/2018     United States 18/01/2018

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