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Asdivine Cross

Asdivine Cross


Europe €9.99

EE. UU. $9.99

About the game:

«Harvey, an outlaw of little importance, gets himself trapped deep in his kingdom's dungeons. While imprisoned he befriends a mysterious woman who claims to be the princess of the lands. Together the two begin an escape that spans far beyond jail bars. As both friends and enemies begin to surface, Harvey realizes that the world of Asdivine is anything but at peace. Between threats of war and angry Deities, Harvey and friends begin a series of quests that will determine the very fate of Asdivine... Fill the Trust Gauge or combine magic and skills to create powerful combos in turn-based battles! Weapon upgrades, a battle arena for the toughest of the tough, plenty of subquests, post-game content,...»
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Adventure, RPG, Strategy, Simulator

N° Players

1 player

Release Date Nintendo 3DS

Europe 13/07/2017     United States 13/07/2017

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