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Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition

Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition

Europe €4.99 / £4.49

EE. UU. $2.99

About the game:

«Trouble in Antarctica! The Black Hand of Fate, an international Terrorist Group, has constructed a secret base within the heart of a Volcano, and has built a massive army of bio-engineered soldiers and genetic monsters to take over the world! You are the only one that can put a stop to their dastardly plans. You are the Blasting Agent! Featuring Classic jump-and-shoot gameplay A variety of levels, enemies, and secrets Challenging and unique boss fights Collectible upgrades and power-ups Unlockable Hard Mode with costume rewards»


Ratalaika Games

Release Date

Europe 18/08/2016     United States 18/08/2016


Nintendo 3DS Wii U


Action, Adventure, Shooter

N° Players


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