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About the game:

«Breezeblox is an addictive puzzle game where the objective is to reach the end cube without moving off the platform. Special cubes throughout the puzzles will trigger different actions on the platform to aid you with progressing. With 150 challenging puzzles to complete, your brain will be plenty busy.»
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Pugsley LLC


Platformer, Puzzle

N° Players


Release Date wii-u

Europe TBD     United States 22/01/2015

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Nintendo Life review:

«Simple and small but full of fun, Breezeblox combines immensely satisfying spatial puzzles with a pleasant presentation, smooth control and clever level design. A lack of leaderboards and extras - especially given its comparatively premium price point - limits replay value, but there are plenty of puzzles to work through, and the joy of solving them will be more than enough for fans of the genre. A lovely game.»