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About the game:

«As always, the protagonist is training hard with his teacher Eppol, in order to become a respectable hero. After a training session, a mysterious light appears in front of them, engulfing the two. Summoned to another world, the two are bewildered by the situation and begin a journey to find a way to get back to their home world. Create the ultimate character by mastering up to 20 classes! Fill up the gauge in turn-based battles to unleash the ability only a Hero has; the Brave Burst. As you travel, you will come across more than 20 characters scattered around the world. You can even befriend characters who are not relevant to the story! If you want to be a true hero in a fantasy RPG, don't forget...»


KEMCO / Hit-Point Co.,Ltd. (@KEMCO_OFFICIAL)


Adventure, RPG, Strategy, Simulator

N° Players

1 player

Release Date Nintendo 3DS

Europe 07/09/2017     United States 07/09/2017

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