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About the game:

«The player controls the character Dandara in a 2D adventure platformer. The goal is to traverse through to the final level, defeating enemies and bosses along the way. Movement is done by aiming the targeting reticle and using the jump button to navigate to a nearby platform—floor, wall, or ceiling. Combat is done by holding the primary fire button and releasing a charged shot in the direction of the aiming reticle, as well as by dodging incoming projectiles. Throughout the game, Dandara will acquire health and weapon powerups which will grant new abilities and access to areas of the map that were previously inaccessible. Features: INNOVATIVE CONTROLS - Built natively for both the Nintendo...»


Long Hat House (@longhathouse)


Action, Adventure, RPG, Platformer

N° Players

1 player

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 06/02/2018     United States 06/02/2018

Video review

Trailer Trailer 8/10


«Dandara is a game that deserves to be played whether you know anything about Brazilian culture or not as there aren’t any story barrier, just references. The game’s story isn’t its best element, but it holds up and sets a great world a»
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es Análisis

«Premiamos la innovación en un título que se inspira mucho en grandes clásicos. A pesar de habernos encontrado varios aspectos mejorables también reconocemos que hemos permanecido pegados a la pantalla de principio a fin. Esto no ha sido c»
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