Detective Case and Clown Bot in: Murder in The Hotel Lisbon

A point and click graphic adventure game. Play as Detective Case and Clown Bot. Search for clues and interview witnesses.

€5.99 [Until 12/Jan]


Release Date: 30/Sep/2020

Developer: Nerd Monkeys

Genres: Adventure, Lifestyle, Puzzle

Number of Players: 1

Prices List

*Prices discounted are in red

  • Canada $3.99
  • Czech Republic Kč74.99
  • Denmark kr.24.5
  • Europe (Eurozone) €2.99
  • Mexico $59.99
  • Norway kr29
  • Poland zł12.5
  • South Africa R54.5
  • Sweden kr32
  • Switzerland CHF4.45
  • United Kingdom £2.99
  • United States $2.99

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