Dungeon Bricker

Dungeon Bricker is an intense and exciting maze game. It’s a unique and interesting title where your focus is to try to move the player from wall to all or corner to corner in order to create a path of bricks and complete the level.



Release Date: 16/Jul/2021

Developer: Piotr Skalski

Genres: Arcade, Education, Platformer, Puzzle

Number of Players: 1

Prices List

*Prices discounted are in red

  • Australia $6
  • Canada $5.31
  • Czech Republic Kč99
  • Denmark kr.30
  • Europe (Eurozone) €3.99
  • Mexico $81.8
  • New Zealand $6.6
  • Norway kr40
  • Poland zł16
  • Russia ₽359
  • South Africa R72
  • Sweden kr41
  • Switzerland CHF5.6
  • United Kingdom £3.59
  • United States $3.99

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