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Exile's End

Exile's End


Europe €9.99

EE. UU. $9.99

About the game:

«EXILE'S END is a platformer with exploration elements set on a dangerous alien world. The game was developed by one-man indie studio Magnetic Realms with art, cutscenes, and music provided by legends of the 8 and 16-bit eras from Japan. It draws its thematic influence from the science-fiction films and anime of the ?80s and its gameplay from classic action-adventure titles.»





N° Players


Release Date wii-u

Europe 24/11/2016     United States 22/11/2016

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Nintendo Life review:

«Those who absolutely love to explore every bit of a game's world without any direction at all will love Exile's End. However, a few places don't give the player enough guidance, which leads to brute-forcing every possible path until you uncover the solution. This is a solid action exploration game, but needs a few improvements to be a smash hit for everyone»