Grandmaster Sudoku

Help Dakota Jane solve some brain twisters! Sudoku puzzles come in 4 difficulty levels - easy, medium, hard and expert Sudoku! Perfect for Sudoku beginners and advanced players! Pencil Mode - Turn on/ off pencil mode as you like.



Release Date: 02/Apr/2021

Developer: Digital Game Group

Genres: Adventure, Board Game, Puzzle, Strategy

Number of Players: 1

Prices List

*Prices discounted are in red

  • Australia $7.5
  • Czech Republic Kč125
  • Denmark kr.37.5
  • Europe (Eurozone) €4.99
  • New Zealand $8
  • Norway kr50
  • Poland zł20
  • Russia ₽375
  • South Africa R90
  • Sweden kr52
  • Switzerland CHF7
  • United Kingdom £4.99

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