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About the game:

«Load your guns! Rain death from above! Protect your valuable orphans! Defeat giant, improbable bosses! Gunhouse is part puzzle, part active tower defense, as you make big combos to launch a hail of bullets and special attacks at the alien invaders who would like nothing better than to consume your delicious orphan friends. With infinite levels (you can play this *for ever*), upgradeable weapons, hardcore mode, a unique art style, and music by Fez composer Disasterpeace, Gunhouse from Necrosoft Games will entertain the heck right out of you, maybe! Featuring: Puzzles! Tower Defense! Weapon upgrades! Infinite levels! Weird bosses!»
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Necrosoft Games (@necrosoftgames)


Puzzle, Strategy

N° Players

1 player

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 15/01/2018     United States 15/01/2018


«Gunhouse sure knows how to make a first impression. Between the in-your-face logo, bright graphics, and insanely funky menu music, you’re instantly drawn into its wacky and violent world. The story lays it all out for you: your orphanage is bein»
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