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Ultra Hyperball

Ultra Hyperball


Europe €9.99

EE. UU. $9.99

About the game:

«THE HYPERBALL PARTY IS JUST GETTING STARTED! Ultimate Hardcore Single and Multiplayer Game of Infinite Fun! In the ultimate sport of Hyperball, have you got what it takes to be the ultimate champion! Climb the ranks in the game's single player story mode. Play as Jay, an unlikely hero, battling against the odds to join the Hyperball league!»


Springloaded (@SpringloadedDev)


Party, Action, Sport, Arcade

N° Players

up to 4 players

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 28/07/2017     United States 28/07/2017

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«By no means is Ultra Hyperball a perfect game, but as stated before, when played with friends, it is an enjoyable experience that will stick in one?s memory a little longer than a few other games currently available from the Switch eShop thanks to it»
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es Análisis

«Si eres de los que no soltaba el bal?n de peque?o ni para merendar, muy posiblemente conseguir? engancharte.»
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