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Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden

Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden


Europe €5.99

EE. UU. $6.99

About the game:

«Two sisters escape their fate as research subjects and fight to survive using aircrafts of war. Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden- is a 3D vertical shoot 'em up game. This game allows players to design their own aircraft by letting them choose which weapons and items they take with them into battle. The player's aircraft can use shields, different shots, bombs, and swords. Each of these will also level up the more they're used and increase in power. Additional weapons and items will unlock as the player progresses, as well.»
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CIRCLE Entertainment / Klon.Co.,Ltd


Action, Adventure

N° Players


Release Date Nintendo 3DS

Europe 02/07/2015     United States 30/04/2015

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