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Lucentek Beyond

Lucentek Beyond


Europe TBD

EE. UU. $3.99

About the game:

«It has been known for some time that planet Mosoideae is in danger. The threat of invasion from the Valkuren was imminent. Using technology reversed engineered from the data taken from a Valkuren scout ship the people of Mosoideae are building up an army to search out and destgroy the Valkuren before they can destroy the planet... but are they to late? Lucentek Beyond is a RPG it features a time based battle system with over 15 different spells and abilities. Explore your surroundings in first person perspective. Find hidden objects and quests to power up your group members.»




Action, Adventure, Fighting, RPG

N° Players


Release Date wii-u

Europe TBD     United States 02/02/2017

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