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Manticore - Galaxy on Fire

Manticore - Galaxy on Fire


Europe €19.99

EE. UU. $19.99

About the game:

«MAKE YOUR STAND BEYOND THE STARS Write your legacy in gunfire and smoke as you take down the galaxy's most wanted criminals in action-packed dogfights! Rise to become the hero of the Neox Sector – a deadly fringe world terrorized by ruthless crime lords and their no-good underlings! FIGHT SPACE PIRATES & SAVE THE GALAXY Enjoy 8+ hours of play time as you follow a gripping narrative in three acts. Fly spectacular spaceships, master challenging missions and explore a handcrafted game world in the new sci-fi action shooter on Nintendo Switch! Experience stellar gameplay thanks to intuitive HUD and UI elements as well as full support of the Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers with HD...»


Deep Silver Fishlabs


Action, FPS

N° Players


Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 22/03/2018     United States 22/03/2018

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