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About the game:

«In this Wii U? exclusive, golf-like game your task is to guide a little square shaped fairy, Midnight. Use your Wii U GamePad to launch Midnight, but watch out this world is full of danger. Avoid the spikes, circular saws and other dangerous objects. Earn 3-star rating by completing each 28 levels in the fewest possible moves.»


Petite Games


Platformer, Puzzle, Sport

N° Players


Release Date wii-u

Europe TBD     United States 22/01/2015

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Nintendo Life review:

«Midnight has a solid concept, wonderfully minimalistic art design and soothing music. It's a bit of a shame these delightful elements come alongside some frustrating design problems, from the occasionally short-sighted level design to some balancing issues with the challenge involved. Still, players looking for an atmospheric puzzler with some inventive gimmicks should find plenty to enjoy with most of this title, regardless of these hiccups.»