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Monster Shooter

Monster Shooter


Europe €4.00

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About the game:

«Stand tall against an onslaught of monstrous mayhem. Undertake an epic quest in Story mode, or risk your life in ?Survival of the Fittest?. Watch your leaderboard ranking rise as you master the art of annihilation using shotguns, plasma rifles, electricity guns, grenades, rocket launchers and even?wait for it?the NUKE!»
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Action, Shooter

N° Players


Release Date Nintendo 3DS

Europe 01/11/2012     United States 15/11/2012

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Nintendo Life review:

«Monster Shooter presents a couple of decent ideas, a campaign of good length and generally plays well ? overcompensating aim-assist aside ? but it's really let down by a lack of variety. With a few exceptions, were it not for a couple of different enemy and environment types you could be easily fooled into thinking that you were playing the same level over and over again. It's solid enough to be worth a look, but its repetitious nature means it's a game to play in chunks rather than in one monstrous session.»