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About the game:

«Jump into a neo-retro adventure with Pankapu : a taste of 90's platformers in an oneiric world. Pankapu is a narrative action-platformer that takes place in the dreams of Djaha'rell, a child troubled by a tragic incident. Upgrade your skills, find new competencies, switch your Aegis in real time in order to get rid of Nightmare's invasion: »
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Too Kind Studio (@tookindstudio)


Action, Adventure, Platformer

N° Players

1 player

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 28/09/2017     United States 28/09/2017


«Pankapu is sure to please most platform fans, but it just pains me to ponder how good it could have been can’t help feeling that it’s something of a missed. With a more suitable score and a little more consideration here and there, Pankapu »
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es Análisis

«Pankapu ha llegado de tapadillo pero demuestra ser una gran alternativa en el catálogo digital de Nintendo Switch, con un desarrollo que de haber introducido más pronto el cambio de égidas le daría el punto necesario para ser un autént»
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it Recensione

«Se avete del tempo libero dategli una possibilità, potreste scoprire la prima vera perla nascosta del Nintendo Switch eShop.»
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