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Puzzle Adventure Blockle

Puzzle Adventure Blockle


Europe €6.29

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About the game:

«Rotate the world to find a path to the goal in this rotating puzzle game! Go on an adventure to the mysterious Wonder Labyrinth with Kulu, just a regular Kat trying to find his way and the beautiful Arika who has lost her memory! Rotate the world, avoid obstacles, climb steps, and make use of various features to clear each stage. The journey to Wonder Labyrinth will take you through many various worlds with changing environments such as the Icicle Palace and Flame Mountain. Visit each of the worlds with their own features and obstacles and overcome the challenges of each one as you strive to obtain each of the 7 world stones. Take your time and figure out each puzzle and don't worry if you make...»




Adventure, Puzzle

N° Players

1 player

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 06/08/2017     United States 03/08/2017

Nintendo Impact Gaming!

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«With crisp graphics, a clean UI and a polished presentation with gameplay mechanics that evolved as the game continues, Puzzle Adventure Blockle is very good puzzle on Switch, if not one of the very best the Nintendo platform has to offer. Yes it wi»
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es Análisis

«Un juego de puzles que puede jugarse relajadamente y en cortos periodos de tiempo.»
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