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Rock'N Racing Off Road DX

Rock'N Racing Off Road DX


Europe €7.99

EE. UU. $7.99


Europe €7.99

EE. UU. $7.99

About the game:

«Get ready to enjoy Off Road races with your friends and family! Rock'N Racing Off Road DX offers the most entertaining and exciting races, with loads of skids, crashes and amazing jumps. You will have several modes of play, such as Cup mode, time trial and multi-player with the option of up to 5 Players at a time.»
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EnjoyUp Games (@enjoyupgames)



N° Players


Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 09/11/2017     United States 09/11/2017

Release Date wii-u

Europe 24/09/2015     United States 17/09/2015


«If there was ever a game I could just never bring myself to recommend, I hate to say it, but Rock ‘N Racing Off Road DX is such a game. While it is indeed bad, but for a few dollars more, you can buy Beach Buggy Racing, (priced at $9.99), which »
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«Estamos ante un título que quiere y no puede. Es decir, no es malo, pero tiene esa sensación de que todo podría ser mejor de lo que es en realidad. No obstante los fans de las carreras y de los clásicos cenitales encontrarán un buen t?»
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