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Rogue Trooper Redux

Rogue Trooper Redux


Europe €24.99

EE. UU. $24.99

About the game:

«A pioneering tactical shooter and landmark comic book adaptation, Rogue Trooper is back, remastered and revitalized in true high definition.»


RebellionInteract (@Rebellion)


Action, Adventure

N° Players

up to 4 players

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 17/10/2017     United States 17/10/2017

Video review

Trailer Trailer 7/10


«Rogue Trooper Redux is a Sci-Fi geek’s dream. Full of futuristic fantasy with plenty of action and a story so compelling that it is no wonder why the Comic was given the opportunity to be developed into a video game. My love for all things Briti»
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es Análisis

«Rogue Tropper Redux queda como una opción aceptable para aquellos que devoran esta clase de juegos de disparos o para los amantes del cómic. Los demás, echarán en falta como es mi caso una actualización en los controles, físicas y »
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