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Roving Rogue

Roving Rogue


Europe €7.99

EE. UU. $7.99

About the game:

«Every story has a beginning. But this one starts at the end. You just killed the last boss. Great. Now what? The only thing you remember is that you?ve lost your memory. Well, at least you?re still able to teleport yourself? a few meters. Is that it? Play the role of Kurt and discover a fun, old-school 2D platform game with a multiplayer mode. Explore over 40 levels as you try to recall your memories and look for the way back to? well... wherever it is you came from.»
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Padaone Games


Action, Adventure

N° Players

Up to 4 players

Release Date wii-u

Europe 02/07/2015     United States 02/07/2015

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