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Santa Factory

Santa Factory


Europe TBD

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About the game:

«Help Santa to gather the lost presents. In Santa Factory, Tonttu and Rudolf start their adventure to help Santa Claus. In a moment of crisis, use the special magic wands of Santa Claus. During the adventure, you can study the various English words. As Christmas coming, Santa asked Tonttu to get kids' Christmas wish letters .»




Puzzle, Strategy

N° Players


Release Date wii-u

Europe TBD     United States 09/07/2015

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Nintendo Life review:

«It's not fair to knock a game for its target demographic, and to be fair, Santa Factory's ideas do have a degree of promise - it's not far-fetched to see this game being a decent piece of kids' entertainment under different circumstances. Under these circumstances, however, it's a slapdash, lazy mess full of programming oversights, glitches, unused artifacts, and an inexcusable tendency to frequently crash and require a hard reset of the system. It's a broken mess that feels downright unfinished, which is notable as it can't be finished with an unwinnable level in the mix.»