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About the game:

«Think you've played a game like this before? Think again! Play in Versus, Teams, Elimination, Barricade or even Tug'O'Draw mode, and find out who is the best artist! Introducing optional 'Mutators' that change how you play. Too good at drawing? How are you at drawing when you can't see the page? What if the ink travels in the opposite direction to your pen? Mutators can really switch up the game, adding that random element to the game. Child friendly words! Players can toggle easy mode on and off for individuals, enabling younger players to take part in the same game as everyone else! Don't think our list of over 1500 words is quite enough? No problem! Add your own with the Word Creator!»


Bear Box Media



N° Players


Release Date wii-u

Europe 15/12/2016     United States 15/12/2016

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Nintendo Life review:

«When effectively utilised, the Wii U GamePad is a great way to entertain a crowd of friends or family. Bear Box Media has been able to capture the unique controller's brilliance by adapting the classic word guessing game, Pictionary. Admittedly, Scribble is unlikely to win over anyone seeking a more traditional video game experience, while its appeal is perhaps a little limited by its genre. What is on offer, though, can be enjoyed by everyone.»