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Skies of Fury DX

Skies of Fury DX


Europe €19.99

EE. UU. $19.99

About the game:

«Take to the skies and experience WWI as a fighter pilot! Skies of Fury DX offers players the chance to engage in epic, aerial combat in historic Bloody April, 1917, as both British and German pilots. Using 10 distinctive aircraft from WWI, players fly through stunning, hand-painted environments. Dogfight through the missions as a single player, or challenge your friends to multiplayer, split-screen battles. »


Illumination Games (@illum_games)



N° Players

2 players simultaneous

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 12/04/2018     United States 12/04/2018

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Nintendo Life review:

«Skies Of Fury DX brings a new slice of fun, fast and furious dogfighting to Nintendo Switch. Whether you’re playing on your own through its 100 campaign missions or shooting your friend’s biplane to smithereens in local multiplayer, it’s one of the best new additions to Switch’s digital library»