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Slain: Back from Hell

Slain: Back from Hell


Europe €19.99

EE. UU. $19.99

About the game:

«Bathoryn must battle his way through a doomed land packed with gruesome pixel art foes before ascending (or sometimes descending) each tower, defeating puzzles, traps and monsters alike. At the heart of each tower, he must confront a mighty overlord. Defeat it and Bathoryn?s quest continues. Fail, and you?ll die gruesomely ? mauled by werewolves, disintegrated by floating monstrosities, squashed by great weights or torn apart by hidden blades. And you will fail?»




Action, Adventure, Platformer, Arcade

N° Players

1 player

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 07/12/2017     United States 07/12/2017

Video review

Trailer Trailer 7.5/10


«For Metroidvania fans that prefer a more simplistic, linear form of gameplay, they may feel right at home with Slain! Back From Hell. It doesn’t have an oOcar worthy storyline but with 1,001 ways to die gruesomely, you will be entertained and/or»
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