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Space Lift Danger Panic!

Space Lift Danger Panic!


Europe €2.49

EE. UU. $2.99

About the game:

«Fire portals and save people in this science-fiction reaction-testing hyper-arcade game! The Ceranthians have been using their space lift to travel between the surface of their home planet and low orbit, where they go about their daily work. A series of attacks on their planet have culminated with the unleashing of a space weapon inside the lift putting all the travellers in deadly peril. Your job is to use a teleportation cannon to fire portals into the traveller?s path and transport them to safety. It will be tough, but you are the Ceranthians only hope»




Action, Adventure

N° Players


Release Date Nintendo 3DS

Europe 12/02/2015     United States 15/01/2015

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Nintendo Life review:

«Space Lift Danger Panic! does its best to take repetitive, uninspired gameplay and turn it into something that is actually worth investing your time into. Each stage plays exactly the same, and there's no avoiding the fact that the repetition can quickly grow tiresome, but the sci-fi plot that progressively unfolds stage by stage is implemented in a way that effectively engages its players and draws them in. If you're going to play Space Lift Danger Panic!, there's a good chance that it's going to be for the plot and occasional returns to Survival Mode, but it's a hard sell for players looking for something with a little more depth. It's just too bad that more effort wasn't put into the general gameplay to give it a little variety.»