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Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever


Europe TBD


About the game:

«Dr. Fetus is being a jerk again (as he does), but this time he's kidnapped Meat Boy and Bandage Girl's adorable little baby girl, named Nugget! Meat Boy and Bandage Girl will be put through the grinder (THAT ISN'T A MEAT JOKE SHUT UP) as they jump, slide, punch and kick through 6 chapters containing randomly constructed levels that increase in difficulty each time you rank them up. Beat a level, it ranks, next time you play it you get a harder version of that level until you eventually master it! There are bosses, secrets, dying, awesome music, beautiful art, and dying! Also if that isn't enough, there is a Dark World with extremely hard levels for those of you that like that sort of thing. Features:...»


Team Meat



N° Players

1 player

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe TBD     United States TBD

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