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Superola and the Lost Burgers

Superola and the Lost Burgers


Europe €5.99

EE. UU. $5.99

About the game:

«Superola and The Lost Burgers is an epic retro style platforming adventure, in which you'll have to guide a burger loving llama in its quest to defeat the Hotdog Aliens and recover the stolen hamburgers... before they get cold! Explore 10 worlds with over 70 super challenging stages, follow the storyline, unlock all the map's secrets, fight memorable boss battles, clear the bonus rounds and play against a friend! Features: Challenging llama platforming action Over 70 stages with tons of secrets to unlock Earn money to buy items at the shops Original chiptune soundtrack Story mode, endless mode and VS multiplayer mode»




Action, Adventure, Platformer, Arcade

N° Players

2 players simultaneous

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 22/02/2018     United States 22/02/2018


«When a Princess has been kidnapped, call a plumber, but when hotdog aliens invade, call a Llama.»
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