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Symphony of Eternity

Symphony of Eternity


Europe €7.99

EE. UU. $7.99

About the game:

«Kreist is on a quest with his golem friend Dauturu to find Regratlute, which is said to be able to grant any wish. On their travels, they come across a young lady being attacked by demons, and rescue her. What fate awaits Kreist, Dauturu, and the mysterious young lady? This is a retro-style fantasy RPG set in royal times, where players can master a range of styles, and choose fighting combinations in order to defeat enemies in turn-based battles. The expansive field of play, the moving symbols during encounters with the enemy, the tablet system for learning new abilities- there are so many must-see elements! Live a grand adventure in search of the legendary weapon!»




Adventure, RPG, Strategy, Simulator

N° Players

1 player

Release Date Nintendo 3DS

Europe 05/10/2017     United States 05/10/2017

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