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Europe €14.99

EE. UU. $19.99


Europe €14.99

EE. UU. $14.99

About the game:

«Take on the role of the Teslamancer in his quest to reveal the great injustice that caused him to be the last of his kind. Join him as his path takes him into the forbidden depths of Tesla Tower and defeat all challenges that stand in your way.»
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Rain Games


Action, Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle

N° Players


Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 07/12/2017     United States 07/12/2017

Release Date wii-u

Europe 11/09/2014     United States 11/09/2014


«If time travel is indeed possible this decade, then Rain Games have already mastered it, because although Teslagrad did in fact release back in 2013, you only need to play the game for about 30 minutes to come to the realisation that Teslagrad is ess»
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es Análisis

«Teslagrad es uno de esos indies que se han convertido en clásicos, que todo el mundo conoce y que todos deben jugar. Eso habrán pensado para traerlo a Nintendo Switch, y para que aquellos que no lo han probado todavía – o quieren rejuga»
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Nintendo Life review:

«Teslagrad is everything we love about download gaming on Wii U. From the flawless opening scene to the nostalgic music to the luscious hand-drawn artwork to the brain-bending puzzles, Rain Games has a certified hit on its hands. The extreme difficulty will be hard for some to swallow, but it never feels unfair; anyone who appreciates an old-school challenge will find something to enjoy here. If you've finally torn yourself away from SteamWorld Dig, Teslagrad is the worthy heir to the Scandinavian throne.»