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The Legend of Dark Witch - Chronicle 2D ACT

The Legend of Dark Witch - Chronicle 2D ACT


Europe €3.99

EE. UU. $3.99

About the game:

«Syega Crystals gave their powers to the people of the world, but somebody has stolen all of them... After all the Syega crystals are missing, the world plunges into darkness. As the dark witch Zizou, you must retrieve the missing Syega Crystals. The Legend of Dark Witch is a 2D platform action game. Zizou can learn new attacks by defeating bosses. She will need every one of those attacks if she is going to save the world.»


CIRCLE Entertainment / Inside System


Action, Adventure, RPG

N° Players


Release Date Nintendo 3DS

Europe 04/12/2014     United States 16/10/2014

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