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Trine Enchanted Edition

Trine Enchanted Edition

Europe €12.99 / £10.99 €6.49 / £5.49 (Until the 18th of May)

EE. UU. $14.99 $7.49 (Until the 18th of May)

About the game:

«Trine Enchanted Edition is the origin story for the three unlikely heroes of Trine - Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the Thief. Spellbound by the magical object Trine, the heroes must join forces to overcome obstacles and puzzles in a fully interactive physics-based world, battle the undead and their minions, and restore balance to the kingdom!» - Official Website



Release Date

Europe 26/03/2015     United States 12/03/2015


Wii U


Action, Adventure, Platformer

N° Players

Up to 3 players


3 players cooperative

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