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Undead Storm Nightmare

Undead Storm Nightmare


Europe €4.99

EE. UU. $4.99

About the game:

«Undead Storm Nightmare is the sequel to the popular DSiWare game Undead Storm. Fight off hordes of bloody thirsty zombies as you face a new zombie epidemic first hand. Bigger, bloodier and more gruesome than the first time, Undead Storm Nightmare will test your zombie killing skills to the limit! Arm yourself from a stock of weapons that include an assault rifle, rocket launcher chainsaw and a samurai sword! Upgrade each weapon to increase its performance and fight through waves of zombies before going one-on-one with the giant zombie bosses! Keep your eyes peeled for the Nightwalker that patrols the streets! If she catches you she will trigger Nightmare Time and call massive amounts of zombies...»
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Action, Shooter

N° Players

Up to 4 players

Release Date Nintendo 3DS

Europe 12/02/2015     United States 22/01/2015

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Nintendo Life review:

«The fact is that the zombie fad started dying out years ago and it's one that really needs to be let go, but that doesn't mean worthwhile products are no longer coming out of the trend. A prime example of this phenomenon is Undead Storm Nightmare, a game that takes an overused trope and shifts the focus away from the undead and back onto enjoyable gameplay. It's not a perfect game, especially when considering the need to revisit missions over and over to earn in-game currency, and the potential frustration that the controls may cause, but it's a good time nonetheless. Whether you want to play solo or with a friend, this game is a must-have for anyone looking for a bit of mindless fun while bashing brainless hordes.»