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About the game:

«Practice makes perfect. Surgical doctors-in-training residents all around the world have access to various box trainers and virtual reality simulators to train and maintain their laparoscopic skill set. However, due to a high workload, at the end of the day not everyone has time and energy to practice on these repetitive machines. By turning these drills into a fun and engaging video game, experienced doctors and doctors-in-training can practice them at home, and, more importantly, have fun while doing so. »
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Release Date wii-u

Europe 08/01/2015     United States 02/04/2015

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Nintendo World Report review:

«I had a surprisingly fun time with Underground. The title oozes intrigue and brings a unique control setup to the Wii U eShop. Some minor setbacks detract from the experience, but the interesting gameplay and controls triumph over the issues. After you learn the controls, this is a puzzle game worth spending some serious time with on your Wii U.»