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Word Search 10K

Word Search 10K


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About the game:

«With more than 10,000 words hidden in a grid of 90,000 letters, Word Search 10K is the largest, word search ever made! The puzzle is arranged as 100 themed sections, each containing roughly 100 words - but even each section is much too large to fit on screen! Scroll with the +Control Pad or Circle Pad, then touch with the Nintendo 3DS stylus to highlight words. To solve the entire thing, you'll have to find words from categories as diverse as boys' names, hair styles and accountancy. You'll visit London, Las Vegas and outer space. You'll encounter spiders, vampires and fictional horses. You'll be transported from ancient Egypt, through the world of dreams and to the end of days.»


Lightwood Games



N° Players


Release Date Nintendo 3DS

Europe 26/01/2017     United States 26/01/2017

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