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«Commanders! Take to the battlefield in Ironcast and prepare for turn-based strategy like you?ve never seen before. Every decision you make plays a crucial part in deciding your fate, from collecting resources to choosing your next mission. Control a mechanised war machine and lead your troops to victory through a series of challenging battles, trade assignments and survival missions. The roguelite style of Ironcast enforces that death is permanent, but rewards are persistent and no two campaigns are the same. With randomly generated missions, over 50 unlockable items and the potential for rare enemy loot drops, commanders will face a new crusade with every play through. With added HD rumble support, taking down the enemy has never felt so good! Feature Overview: Four ways to play, including full touchscreen functionality Customise your Ironcast with a variety of unique combinations Collect rare loot drops from fallen enemies to boost your systems»


Dreadbit (@dreadbitgames)


Puzzle, Strategy

N° Players

1 player

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 10/08/2017     United States 10/08/2017

Nintendo Impact Gaming!

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Trailer Trailer 7.5/10


«Interview with Daniel Leaver of Dreadbit»
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«If you?re going to play Ironcast, than you need to not only be open to the idea that you will die, but embrace it. Unless you strike it lucky you will never emerge victorious during your first play through. You will instead die, and die and die, but »
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es Análisis

«A strategy & puzzle game that invites us to fight in a paralell world time and time again.»
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it Recensione

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