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Red Game Without a Great Name

Red Game Without a Great Name


Europe €2.99

EE. UU. $2.99

About the game:

«Red Game Without a Great Name puts you in the role of a mechanical bird messanger that delivers secret letters in a hostile Steampunk world. You touch and swipe to teleport the bird to its destination. Make haste because the level scrolls independently to your moves. If you fall behind it's game over. Avoid traps, pick up gears and power-ups and finish all of the 60 levels.»
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iFun4all (@ifun4all)


Puzzle, Arcade

N° Players

1 player

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 24/11/2017     United States 07/12/2017


«Unlike the game that came after it, I actually find Red Game Without a Great Name to be more engaging. There’s more finger play, there are more levels for what you buy at $2.99 and it feels like a darker version due to its “red you’re »
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es Análisis

«Pese a que es más repetitivo que Green Game, Red Game Without a Great Name puede recomendarse a más gente, por su carácter más inmediato que no obliga a pensar soluciones complejas ni a hacerse mapas mentales. De nuevo, una experiencia de»
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