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About the game:

«Semispheres is a meditative parallel puzzle game that places dual realities at the heart of its challenge. Its unique single-player split-screen mechanic challenges your brain by putting you in control of two characters at the same time. Your left and right side must work together to unfold the mystery by solving clever puzzles in an entrancing ambience. Using portals and other abilities to avoid sentries, devise and execute your plan, reuniting the parallel worlds of Semispheres. Key Features: - More than 50 levels, each building on top of each other, culminating with fiendishly complex puzzles - Stealth-inspired gameplay, including abilities like noise-makers, portals, side-swapping, teleporting...»


Vivid Helix Inc. (@vividhelix)


Puzzle, Strategy

N° Players

1 player

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 14/09/2017     United States 14/09/2017

Video review

Trailer Trailer 7/10


«Interview with Radu Muresan of Vivid Helix on Semispheres»
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«Having completed Semispheres in a single sitting playing by myself and then doing the same again with a Player 2, Semispheres is a game that has me divided. I am in awe of how surreal the experience is, thanks to the visuals and Sid Barnhoorn?s glori»
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es Análisis

«Semispheres consigue que te quedes pensando en hasta d?nde pod?a haber llegado de haber pulido mejor algunos detalles y su duraci?n, aunque su planteamiento es muy simple a la par que atractivo.»
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