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Surfin' Sam - Attack of the Aqualites

Surfin' Sam - Attack of the Aqualites


Europe TBD

EE. UU. $4.99

About the game:

«Surf's Up! The weather is perfect, the waves are high, the sun is shining...and there is an INVADING ALIEN RACE OF AQUATIC CREATURES THREATENING TO TERRA-FORM THE EARTH INTO A PLANET OF SEA CREATURES! Yep, just another day for our hero, Surfin' Sam. Guide Sam and his dependable side-kick, Flip Flops the beach dog, through more than 30 levels of adventure in this unique gaming experience! Together you'll run, jump, and surf through daring obstacles in search of Prong, leader of the Aqualites, to end his assault on Earth?before it's turned into a giant pond! But first you'll have to blast through his malicious army, each enemy wielding his own set of skills and a desire to stop Sam at all costs!»


Slyon Studios LLC


Action, Adventure

N° Players


Release Date wii-u

Europe TBD     United States 11/08/2016

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