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TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-

TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-


Europe €9.99

EE. UU. $9.99

About the game:

«The new TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- has been released with updated physics following an update to the game engine, while still providing the same experience as the original TorqueL game. TorqueL is a curiously unique 2D rotation action game, in which you proceed by rotating or extending a box with characters inside. Sometimes simply rotating or extending the box is not enough, and you have to find the right combination of rotating and extending to jump or climb over obstacles. Players progress through the game by guiding the box towards the goal in each Chamber.»


Active Gaming Media


Action, Puzzle, Arcade

N° Players

1 player

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 15/02/2018     United States 15/02/2018


«Although TorqueL has an interesting premise, its execution just doesn’t perform.»
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es Análisis

«TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- es una buena propuesta para un solo jugador que se queda a medio camino. Es como cuando pruebas un manjar delicioso pero el plato no termina por llenar. »
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