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About the game:

«Wulverblade is a visceral arcade side scrolling beatem-up set in ancient Roman Britain. Up to 2 player's battle side by side to defend the northern tribes from the invading Roman army. Fight across 8 real locations as the rich historically inspired story unfolds before you. Features: Classic arcade beatem-up action for up to 2 players! Classically inspired arcade combat engine! A rich and engrossing historically inspired story! Battle across 8 real British locations in the rich campaign! Fight in the many arenas to hone your tribal warrior skills! Stunning 2D artwork and animation!»



Action, Platformer

N° Players

2 players simultaneous

Release Date Nintendo Switch

Europe 12/10/2017     United States 12/10/2017


«Interview with Michael Heald of Fully Illustrated on Wulverblade»
[Read the interview here!]

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