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Announcement [16/03/2018]

It has been a long journey for Indie-eShop! When the site started, we wanted to give a bigger spotlight to the Nindies, so everyone can enjoy this amazings gems hidden on the Nintendo eShop. Now Nintendo is doing a great job with the new Nintendo Switch, giving a much bigger and better spotlight on the new console. This is great for us, to be able to know more nindie games, but is time then for changes on the site!

For one side, the website sadly will not longer post sales and upcoming games for the eShop. For a while it will stay with not many updates but online for those who want to check on games that came out before the day of this announcement. This means that the two apps on Google Play store will be from today desactivated.

We will leave all the reviews, videos and interviews from our other friend websites, and show randomly on the homepage them work if you want to check some of them great articles.

And then, if you are a nindie developer and want to create a profile for your game here, just let us know through twitter (@Indie_eShop) and we will upload the site with your game. We are always more than happy to help you out with your launches!

The most important! The twitter will still stay active! If you are also a developer, and want us to share news, let us know. We will as always share the news and updates about Nindies and the articles of our friend sites.

This is not a good bye, but a "see you soon"!. We got many ideas for the site, but it need time. So we will be back when we find the right moment and the best idea to bring all this community together again, we will let you know!

Thank you for everything!


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